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Thankful for the Herd

Our only black friday purchase...Abby, just arrived from the kill pen

It is almost Thanksgiving Day and many people I know have been trying to be mindful all month of the things they are most thankful for. Each and every day, there is always something we can find to be thankful for in our lives from meaningful people, animals and experiences to simple things that just make us smile. I have been contemplating starting a blog for quite some time and I have actually tried and given up before, but in 2017 I decided to commit to new things, new experiences and renewed sense of adventure which has led me in some pretty crazy directions. I am usually a thinker, an analyzer, a studious prepper. This year, I just followed my heart and intuition without my usual drama and over analysis and decided to just DO and therefore learn as I went along. Writing a blog is a big deal for me to say YES to because it is hard to put yourself out there with the possibility of criticism looming large. Also, there is the little issue of what exactly to put in a blog and will people want to read it!?

Life is short so get a goat or 2 and then add some sheep because last year you added 2 pigs and right before that you decided to commit to a miniature horse mare with a foal, a pony and a one eared horse without any idea how it would all work out! But work out, it DID! Were there stumbling blocks along the way? Sure! Did we struggle to figure out how these new pieces fit into our puzzle and how would we care for them? Yep! But we did it and for that, we are thankful! Each new resident challenges us to grow and learn and connect.

In 2017 we added 2 goats and 2 sheep to the herd. We continue to learn about the best ways to care for and manage them. We laugh at our trials and tribulations and rejoice when they exceed our expectations and delight our visitors. We have grown to love 4 new additional animals that are nothing like the horses. When we started the sanctuary, we NEVER imagined any type of resident except for the horses. But when you listen to your community and open your hearts and minds, you learn and grow! You figure it out, you make it better, you make it work. We are THANKFUL for the challenges they have presented us with and the opportunities for growth as well.

This year, I am most thankful for each of our herd members, be they horse, pony, mini, sheep, pig or goat! Each one enriches the lives of people they meet. They challenge us to learn more, to grow, to share, to adapt. These lessons lead us to reach out and teach others, giving them the opportunity to grow and improve as well. This expands out Big Purple Barn family! So this year, I am also thankful for the opportunity to say YES and for the contributions of each and every member of our herd and the way they help shape the direction of our sanctuary and programs. I am committing to writing a weekly blog to help people understand and take part in the inner workings of The Big Purple Barn. I have 20+ years of stories in my head that got us to where we are today and I hope you enjoy taking the journey with us!


Executive Director/Co Founder

Members of our herd!

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