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About Us

Our Mission

We are an IRS approved 501C3 charitable organization, FEIN #45-5022618 with the following mission:


1. Provide quality, life-long comfort and care for horses/ponies and other small farm animals who are unwanted/neglected and/or have special needs making them less adoptable to the general public


2. Develop and offer outreach programs utilizing our resident animals that provide enriching and life changing opportunities for people of underserved populations who might not otherwise have the chance to experience the healing and transformative power of horses


3. Create a safe, supportive, educational environment for humans and animals alike.

   Hidden Haven Farm began in 1991 when founder Tara Wahle adopted her first horse from the fledgling Equine Rescue League in Leesburg, VA. ( One year later, Tara's mother, Barbara Wahle, also adopted a horse from the ERL. Out of those adoptions grew a desire to help horses find forever homes and to help educate people to better care for and relate to their animals. The concept for The Big Purple Barn emerged in 2010 as a place for people and horses to connect and have the opportunity to learn and grow together. We are pleased to announce our non profit application acceptance in 2013.


   We have served the equestrian community in various aspects since 1988 and have served our local communities of Bowie, Glendale and surrounding areas since 2001. Visitors to our farm and the area know us by our brightly colored purple barn and our happy and inquisitive residents. As our relationship in the community deepened, The Big Purple Barn was born out of the needs of our community to provide more focused opportunity to access and discover horses, and provide opportunities for special needs populations as well as community service learning opportunities for local schools. Since 2010, we have expanded our programs to include volunteer opportunities, school and event outreach as well as interactive and educational opportunities for special needs members of our communities. In 2013, we received our 501C3 designation. In 2015 we began accepting new animals into the sanctuary and now we proudly provide a home to pot bellied pigs, sheep and goats! Our programs focus not only on animal care and appreciation, but on land conservation and stewardship and urban agriculture. We strive to maintain and foster and inclusive and diverse population of people and provide equal access and opportunity to the animals and programs.

   The Big Purple Barn, Inc. is a sanctuary currently providing a permanent home to 15 horses from various rescues, slaughter auctions and private placements. While the majority are rideable in some way, we have several who are not; due to age or medical conditions. We also provide a home to 2 potbellied pigs, 5 goats and 5 sheep! We provide them with food, medical care, exercise, mental stimulation, companionship and love. The majority of our animals have an ongoing special need, like a chronic medical condition, that requires medication and a comprehensive care plan. We pride ourselves in specializing in geriatric animal care, providing the best to our aging resident animals!


  It costs in excess of $60,000 each year just to provide for the physical and medical needs of the residents. We have NO PAID STAFF at this time. While many of the programs we offer are at no cost, the ones that are associated with a fee directly fund the sanctuary program. The sanctuary program is further funded by the generosity of members of our community through sponsorship and donations.


 Our co-founders remain dedicated to improving the lives of the animals in the care of The Big Purple Barn and to strengthening our community through education, outreach and exposure. YOUR financial support helps us to achieve our goals and we rely on public donations to fund the sanctuary and our various programs.



Our 2022 Board

Tara Wahle- Co Founder and Executive Director
Taylor Bendlin Guevara- Vice President, Assistant Program Director
Rachael Martin- Treasurer 
Amber Austin- Secretary
Steven Seda- Board Member, Facility Maintenance Director
Barbara Wahle- Co Founder, Hands On Care Volunteer Manager, Barn Manager

Elizabeth Jackson- Board Member

Please watch for bios on our board members!


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