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Big Purple Barn and horses

Wish List

While the farm is always in need of monetary donations, there are many items and services we would greatly appreciate to have donated.


If you think you have something to offer that isn't on the list- PLEASE contact us! We would to hear from you. And, we would like to thank you in advance for your generosity and support of the horses and programs at The Big Purple Barn!



  • Horse Sponsors (monthly sponsors, vaccination sponsors & farrier sponsors)

  • Funds for stall renovations (leveling, waterproofing)(or materials/labor donations)

  • Donations for our weekly feed fund (you can call The Feed Store in Glen Dale directly to make a contribution to our account)

  • Two to Four horse trailer

  • Truck for pulling trailer- V8 engine, 3/4 ton is prefreable

  • *Dual wheeled wheel barrows- large capacity

  • *Hay (orchard grass or timothy/mix)

  • *Heated water troughs

  • *Infa Red Heat Lamps (for horse use)

  • *Blankets (miniature horse and pony sized)

  • *New or gently used tack, especially for small and medium ponies (saddles, bridles, bits, etc)

  • *Gift certificates to any of the following places: Dover Saddlery, The Feed Store in Glenn Dale, Schneiders Tack, KV Vet Supply, State Line Tack, Valley Vet Supply

  • PLEASE NOTE- due to safety reasons, we can only accept the donation of NEW ASTM/SEI approved helmets for our program

  • We are always in need of training tack and stable supplies also. Please check back as we continue to modify and update the list.

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