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Donate to the Herd 

Piggy Bank

Help make a difference by joining our Care Partners and provide hay and feed for our residents!


While several of our herd members have found generous sponsors to help care for them year round, we still have many residents that are not sponsored.

This year, we encourage you to join our Care Partners team! We have several ways to become a part of our care teams!

We are one of the ONLY nonprofit equine sanctuaries in Maryland- could you help us?

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Big Purple Barn Pony Pal: contribute $25 per month

Big Purple Barn Barn Buddy: contribute $50 per month

Big Purple Barn Farm Friend: contribute $100 per month

Big Purple Barn Guardian Angel: contribute $200+ per month

Be a HERO for the herd!

Join our community of caring and support the animals in residence. logo

PayPal makes it easy to make general donations using your credit or debit card as well as your checking or savings account! Every contribution counts and goes directly to the care of our sanctuary residents. Tax donation letters are available upon request by emailing

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Please remember that your contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and we are a recognized IRS Non Profit Organization!


What you get in return:

1. Receive a photo and the story of the resident you sponsor

2. You will get an invitation to schedule visits with your sponsored resident

3. Visit to get a photo of you and your sponsored resident

4. Certificate of appreciation

5. When any resident reaches FULL sponsorship with a $200 team or individual commitment, we will provide each sponsor with ONE team tee and additional tees will be available for purchase for $15 each.

We rely solely on income derived from our program offerings and the generosity of our donors. We do NOT receive any form of governmental funding. At this time, we are a 100% volunteer run organization and 100% of the funds donated go DIRECTLY to the care of the animals in residence here. We ave 16 equine mouths to feed, 4 chickens, 2 rescued cats, 2 potbellied pigs and 2 baby goats! With your help, we can continue to provide top notch comfort and care for the residents of The Big Purple Barn!



Please use the links below to sign up to give monthly. You can use​ OR PayPal to set up recurring monthly donations in the amount you choose. Both will provide you with donation receipts for your records and we will issue donation letters at the end of the year to all donors giving a total of $200 or more. We need Care Partners to commit to a monthly amount  for a minimum of 4-6 months to help us through the leanest time of the year.



If you need help signing up, or choosing a herd member to support, please email us at: 


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