2020 Private Barn Tours

Thank you to all of the amazing individuals, friends and families that have supported our barn tours, visited, enjoyed themselves and helped spread the word! The end of the year is rapidly approaching, but our animals are still eager to meet new friends. Our farm tours have currently BOOKED UP through the end of November! Because of the immense interest in continuing our tours, we have added DECEMBER tours as well! Those are limited, and as always, our tours are on a first come, first booked basis! We have added the DECEMBER booking link separately from the November link so you can still check for November openings. We are planning a NOVEMBER and a DECEMBER ticketed visitation event so please watch our Facebook page for details!


1. Please read through the following sections on tour activity and pricing as well as the FAQs about our tours.

2. Scroll to the bottom and click BOOK NOW. (choose November or December links)

3. Choose the day and time available on our calendar that fits your scheduled and complete the steps. If all the blocks are showing as unavailable, it means we are booked up. You can check for cancellations and take them if they appear.

4. We receive your reservation IMMEDIATELY and that is YOUR spot! 

5. You will receive an email message from us (generally THROUGH HoneyBook) that will ask you to answer a few questions about your group and the activities you want to choose. Send us this information back ASAP so we can price and plan your tour. You will get the request for additional information about 1 week before your tour.

6. Once we have your tour info, we will send you a CONFIRMATION with tour  pricing, payment and check in instructions!

7. Come visit us on your scheduled tour date and have a great time!


We currently do not require prepayment and there is currently no penalty for rescheduling. 

We are a volunteer based, IRS 501C3 Non Profit Organization!

100% of your tour fee goes directly to supporting

our resident animals and the programs they fuel! 


PLEASE NOTE: Our unicorns' powers go to sleep November 1st and won't re-emerge until April 1st of 2021 as they recharge for our annual UNICORN FESTIVAL! Our wooly horses, ponies, minis and barnyard animals are still ready to meet you so bundle up and head on over!

Basic Barnyard Tour- Join us for a 30-minute guided tour of our sanctuary. You will learn about who we are, the programs we offer, and you will meet our goats, pigs, sheep and horses and ponies! Opportunities to feed some select snacks to the animals is provided as well as photo and video ops are included. Ask questions, capture the experience, and please share with your friends and family! Tours are priced by size. Currently we are booking up to 10 guests total for a single tour. Please remember that YOU book the guests in your tour group and you are not combined with any other groups. There is no minimum age for children and small hands are welcome. We even have stroller and handicapped accessibility here, so everyone gets access to our animals!


PLEASE NOTE- Each adult and all children age 1 and over are included in the guest count for payment.

  • Basic Barnyard Tour Individual/Small Group: (price includes up to 4 guests) $20 for a 30-minute tour

  • Basic Barnyard Tour Medium Group: (price includes up to 8 guests) $40 for a 30-minute tour

  • Basic Barnyard Tour Large Group: (price includes up to 10 guests) $60 for a 30-minute tour


FAQs about our tours

1. All tours are PRIVATE. That means YOU choose the people you are inviting/including in your group. We will NOT combine you with any other people or groups. You will generally have 2, possibly 3 tour guides (as we are training some of our volunteers) and no other activity is typically scheduled during your tour.

2. PLEASE SEE TOUR OPTIONS FOR COST: this is a donation that goes to feed and care for the animals here. Payment can be made via cash, credit card or PayPal. Let us know your preference. Additional donations are deeply appreciated!

3. The basic tour is 30 minutes. You will be guided to spend time at each of our animal areas where you will learn some fun facts about those resident animals, where they came from, how we care for them and how they contribute to our programs. Opportunities to give a small treat with assistance/supervision are provided! 

4. Closed toe shoes are required for anyone walking! You will be around a barnyard and you need to protect your feet. Our barnyard access is mainly packed asphalt millings, some sand and a little grass so we are stroller friendly and handicapped accessible! We also have a golf cart available for anyone with ambulatory issues to be driven in so everyone can enjoy the farm!

5. We may or may not have a portable restroom available, depending on the season.

6. We have hand sanitizer available for your needs. We ask that if you are feeding treats, you do NOT use hand sanitizer until the end of the tour as it can make our animals sick.


We are outside and generally able to keep social distancing and our guides will have masks on at all times. For adult guests, we ask you to wear masks and for appropriately aged children,  we ask you to carry them with you and use them as directed. We will absolutely allow you opportunity to take photos without masks for your memories! Our guides will take a step back and allow plenty of space. If you have any requests regarding our safety protocol, please just let us know. We also clean and sanitize items between tours and have limited touch surfaces. 


We ask if anyone in your group is not feeling well for any reason, please exclude them or contact us to reschedule. If you have traveled for vacation or out of the state, please allow 14 days before scheduling a visit. Please respect any need on our part to reschedule, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy.

7.You are also welcomed to take photos and video during your visit. If you share on social media, we just ask you to check in to The Big Purple Barn and add the hashtag #bpbvisits so we can include them in our album! When you share, you help us book more tours, which in turns helps us raise more funds to care for our animals! 

8. You will receive a questionnaire to complete and submit in order to finalize your booking the week of your scheduled session. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE FORM in order to finalize your tour. You must also sign the activity and visitation release which can be done online or in person. We make every attempt to contact you regarding your tour. If you do NOT submit the required information, we will CANCEL your tour. We operate on 100% volunteer power and while we do our best to accommodate your preferences, sometimes weather and availability are a factor. Our tours are becoming a popular activity and we are booking up fast!

9. Please be aware that we do take photos for our own use on our website, advertising and social media.  We want people to see your enjoyment, but we respect and protect your privacy.

10. We have resident goats, sheep, pigs and horses (that includes ponies and miniature horses) here on the farm that you will visit. If you are lucky, you may even meet some of our barn kitties!

11. Tours are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Mornings are reserved for tour times while afternoons are for other activities. We currently are closed to visitors on Sundays. All activities are scheduled around the care times for our animals and other programs like our riding lessons and WEATHER DEPENDENT.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the case of inclement weather, if the farm decides to cancel tour bookings for a particular day, you will need to choose a new day and time from our calendar availability. Due to other activity on the farm, we cannot offer alternative options aside from choosing a new slot. Active storms and rain are the main reasons we reschedule tours. It is IMPORTANT we have and accurate contact number for you when you book your tour in order to inform you of changes. One thing we cannot control is the weather!

CLIENT CANCELLATION: If at any time, you need to cancel or reschedule your chosen booking, please click the link in your booking confirmation and make the changes. There is currently no penalty for cancelling or rescheduling. Any change you make through the HoneyBook system are imported to our calendar notifications immediately. It is EASY to do!


To Schedule: request a booking here


Small hands are welcome!

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