2020 Private Barn Tours

We know you are eager to get out of the house and back to life. We are a small farm and so we are opening slowly, with an abundance of caution, but we know outdoors is a safer choice for activities in this COVID climate! Join us to meet our animals and get some fresh air!

FAQs about our tours

1. All tours are PRIVATE. That means YOU choose the people you are inviting/including in your group. We will NOT combine you with any other people or groups. You will generally have 1 (possibly 2) tour guides (as we are training some of our volunteers) and no other activity is typically scheduled during your tour.

2. Cost is $5 per person (including children), this is a donation that goes to feed and care for the animals here. Payment can be made via cash, check or PayPal. Let us know your preference.

3. The tour is 30 minutes. You will be guided to spend time at each of our animal areas where you will learn about those resident animals, where they came from, how we care for them and how they contribute to our programs. Opportunities to give a small treat with assistance/supervision are provided! 

4. Closed toe shoes are required for anyone walking! You will be around a barnyard and you need to protect your feet.Our barnyard access is mainly packed asphalt millings, some sand and a little grass so we are stroller friendly and handicapped accessible! We also have a golf cart available for anyone with ambulatory issues to be driven in so everyone can enjoy the farm!

5. We do have a porta potty on the grounds for bathroom use and we do our best to maintain it as cleanly as possible and wipe down touch surfaces between visitors. The porta potty is fully handicapped accessible.

6. We have hand sanitizer available for your needs.

7. Because we are outside and able to keep social distancing, we do not require masks at all times, but for adults we ask you to carry them with you if need arises. Our guides will have a mask on hand and we are happy to wear one if you request, but oftentimes children are not as at ease when adults they don't know are wearing masks. We usually slip masks on and off depending on the proximity of the guests. Just inform us of your preferences!

6. We ask if anyone in your group is not feeling well for any reason, please exclude them or contact me to reschedule. If you have traveled for vacation or out of the state, please allow 14 days before scheduling a visit. Please respect any need on our part to reschedule, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy.

7. You can add to your tour by doing a hands-on grooming activity for an additional $5 per participant! Tools used for grooming activities are sanitized between use and ample time is allowed in between use. Masks will be worn on our part when supervising the grooming sessions when is closer proximity to the participants.

8. A photo op with one of our mascots, like Presley, is provided. You are also welcomed to take photos and video during your visit. If you share on social media, we just ask you to check in to The Big Purple Barn and add the hashtag #bpbvisits so we can include them in our album!

9. Please allow for 24 to 48 hours advance notice when asking to schedule a tour or activity. We operate on 100% volunteer power and while we do our best to accommodate your preferences, sometimes weather and availability are a factor.

10. Please be aware that we do take photos for our own use on our website, advertising and social media. We do not name names and typically do not take head on photos of children unless authorized. We want people to see your enjoyment, but we respect and protect your privacy.

11. We have resident goats, sheep, pigs and horses (that includes ponies and miniature horses) here on the farm that you will visit. If you are lucky, you may even meet some of our barn kitties!

12. Tours are generally available mornings between 10am Tuesday through Thursday and Saturdays as well as afternoons between 2 and 5 Monday through Saturday. We currently are closed to visitors on Sundays.

To Schedule: email us at


(click the link to email us!)

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